Awana is a weekly Christian club ministry that presents the Gospel to children through a Bible-based curriculum.

2015/2016 Schedule

The Awana club night schedule follows the Meridian School District Traditional schedule. If school is cancelled for any reason on a Monday, the regularly scheduled club meeting for that night still meets, unless otherwise noted below. Uniforms must be worn in conjunction with Dress up Nights.

September 2015

  • 14 – Balloon Night – Games with balloons
  • 21 – Caped Crusader Night – Wear your cape and be a super-hero
  • 28 – Camping Night – Bring your backpack and camp out for the night

October 2015

  • 5 – Stuffed Animal Night – Bring your favorite Stuffed Animal
  • 12 – Family Night – Bring your parents for the whole night
  • 19 – Team Color Night – Dress in your team color (Red, Blue, Green or Yellow)
  • 26- Musical Chairs Night – You’ve never played musical chairs like this (End of Quarter Store Night)

November 2015

  • 2 – Bible Heroes Night – Dress as your favorite Bible Hero
  • 9 – Bring a Friend Night – The most important theme night of the year! Bring your friends, family, and neighbors to hear about Jesus!
  • 16 – Sports Night - Dress for your favorite sport
  • 23 – Thank You Night - Thanks to our Leaders & Pastors
  • 30 – Grandparents Night - Bring your grandparents

December 2015

  • 7 – Noah’s Ark Night - Dress as your favorite animal & bring a friend
  • 14 – Happy Birthday Night - We’ll celebrate Jesus’ Birthday (End of Quarter Store Night)
  • 21 – No Awana—CHRISTMAS BREAK
  • 28 – No Awana—CHRISTMAS BREAK

January 2016

  • 4 – Aloha Night - Dress Hawaiian
  • 11 – Silly Socks Night - Socks aren’t just for your feet, right?
  • 18 – What I Want To Be Night - What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • 25 – Flashlight Night - Bring your flashlight and be ready for a dark night

February 2016

  • 1 – Cowboy & Cowgirl Night - Dress Western & bring your horse
  • 8 – Awana Missionary Night - We’ll hear from our Awana Missionary
  • 15 – God & Country Night - Dress patriotically (End of Quarter Store Night)
  • 22 – Mustache Night - Mustache madness!
  • 29 – Crazy Hair Night - Dress with wild wild hair

March 2016

  • 7 – Pirate Night - Aaarrrr you ready to swab the deck?
  • 14 – Hilarious Hat Night - Dress in your best hilarious hat
  • 21 – No Awana—SPRING BREAK
  • 28 – Dot Your Leader Night - Dot a leader for every section you check off

April 2016

  • 4 – Level Up Night - Move up a grade and check out what’s in store for you next year
  • 11 – Camo Night - Dress in camouflage and try to blend in (End of Quarter Store Night)
  • 18 – Awards Night!!! - Bring your whole family for our end of the year wrap up and awards!

More About Awana

Each club night is broken up into three different sessions: Handbook Time, Game Time, and Council Time.

In Handbook time children are encouraged to excel individually in their bible verse studies. They receive recognition and rewards as they reach different milestones.

Game time is a period of fun and fellowship. Children are placed on one of four teams (red, blue, green, or yellow) and participate in a variety of games on the Awana circle. These games are fun and competitive, but are of a nature that allows almost all children to participate regardless of their athletic skills.

Council time provides a Christian message that is intended to present the Gospel as well as Christian morals and values to the children. Awana leaders and special guest speakers present these messages at a level that children can understand.

Scott Dykstra
Commander: Scott Dykstra
Phone: (208) 871-1133
Email: awana@ustickbaptist.org

The following is a list of the clubs that are available at Ustick Baptist Church:


Director: Jennifer Ritchie
Email: cubbies@ustickbaptist.org

Cubbies is program for pre-school age children (ages 3 & 4).

Learn more about Cubbies at Awana.org


Director: Darlene Densley
Email: sparks@ustickbaptist.org

Sparks is program for children in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade.

Learn more about Sparks at Awana.org

Truth & Training

Boy’s Director: Merlin Bertsch
Email: tandtboys@ustickbaptist.org

Girl’s Director: Cristy Bertsch
Email: tandtgirls@ustickbaptist.org

Truth & Training (T&T) is program for children in 3rd-6th Grade.

Learn more about T&T at Awana.org